Urbanity must be on some sort of ‘best places to brunch/breakfast in Dublin’ list, because, when I got there, at 10 this morning, the place was heaving.

It’s located in the quaintly named Coke Lane, between Smithfield and the Liffey, in a modern building with a glass frontage. Award plaques and tasteful neon adorn the front. It’s advertised as a walk-in place so that’s what I did.

The eating area is square-ish with a mix of small and long tables, a large barista drinks station, and a counter along the external wall/window. The latter seems to be where people on their own are put. Not unreasonably. It means they don’t hog tables.

The space has a modern urban/industrial-lite vibe, bright but not overly so. Harmless music played at a low volume and you can find their playlists on Spotify if you are interested.

I was immediately brought a menu, a bottle of water and a glass. Despite the busyness of the place, I didn’t feel under particular pressure to make my choices quickly.

A quick count revealed about 30 diners happily munching away, with space for not too many more. While I was there, at least four groups of various sizes arrived. Only one left to find an alternative breakfast place.

I perused the ‘July Weekend Menu’ and liked the choices offered: a granola; a smoothie/granola combo with berries; ‘Berber’ scrambled eggs; smoked salmon and poached eggs; mushrooms and hummus; and a waffle confection. Sides/additions which included bacon, sausages, greens, hummus, and avocado were available for €3 each. Food provenance is supplied.

Each choice is accompanied by a variety of dressings and adornments and it was evident that a lot of thought had gone into the flavour combinations available. 

Service is quick here. The place was busy and I expected a wait, but both coffee and food arrived pleasingly fast. 

I had chosen the ‘Berber’ scrambled eggs, chilli whipped feta, smashed heirloom tomatoes, garlic, marinaded olives on sourdough.

I liked the look of it, the food pleasingly presented on two slices of toasted sourdough. Eggs, smashed colourful tomatoes, generous dollops of whipped feta, and olives scattered on the plate. The eggs were soft, freshly scrambled, with a tint and a hint of a warming spice. The feta provided a welcoming sharpness and the tomatoes, sweetness. The bitterness of the olives rounded off the complexity of flavours presented. Quantity was just right.

I had two flat whites, each presented attractively, hot and rich. (I understand that they roast their coffee in-house. There is a big industrial-looking machine towards the rear of the premises that I assumed was the coffee roaster.)

The staff were pleasant, conscientious, attentive and, for such a busy place, seemingly unflappable. Any of my requests were dealt with quickly and competently.

I’m a bit out of practice paying for breakfast, but the bill came to a shade over €20, to which I added a deserved cash tip.

Urbanity is on Instagram, Facebook and, as I mentioned, their playlists are on Spotify.

I’d pay a return visit very happily, especially since it’s about 20 minutes from my front door, on the Red Luas line. 


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  1. Maeve Keenan

    Great review. Definitely will try that out. Good to have a review.

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