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Close to home this time. My home that is. Foam is on Terenure Place, just next to Terenure crossroads. It’s been open for, what, maybe a year and a half now and seems to have become a very popular breakfast/brunch spot mainly, but not exclusively, for families with young kids. […]

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Brendan’s Café

Brendan’s Café is one of those places that appears on ‘must visit before they disappear’ lists. It’s a ‘hidden gem’, an ‘institution’, a bit of ‘hidden Dublin’. I would wager a fair amount that it’s not one of the most visited ‘must visit’ places however. At least by the people […]

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Cracked Nut

The Cracked Nut is a warm, inviting, comfortable sort of place in which to eat your breakfast. It’s kind of light grey in colour throughout so it shouldn’t feel so comfortable but, you know yourself, some places just feel good to be in and the Cracked Nut is one of […]

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Poaching Eggs

Sunday breakfast in our house is often poached eggs on toast. I know my way around a kitchen pretty well but I used to be terrified of poaching eggs. Not sure why but I think it was a result of years of seeing experts swirling water around in high sided […]

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Wooden Spoon

  Double thanks to Christine for this one. She not only spotted and researched the venue, but she also paid for our breakfast. Nice. Cheers. The Wooden Spoon is on Bath Place in Blackrock, just off the main street and close to the Dart station. It opens at 7, Monday […]

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Huevos Rancheros

I love Sunday breakfast at home, especially when I have nowhere to go. It can be relaxed. I can read Saturday’s papers and I can then move seamlessly into whatever other activity I have or haven’t planned for the day. I’m an early riser so, on the Sundays when it’s […]

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  In the 1980s and 90s I lived just off Clanbrassil Street and worked on Montague Street, between Camden Street and Harcourt Street. Camden Street was our haunt. To those who don’t know it, it can feel like an in between sort of street; something one drives up or down […]